appease.personal experience

As mentioned in the previous post, this label/category refers to sentences that describe or explain experiences that you personally have had.  You may describe a general experience like planting a garden, working at a restaurant or organizing a community food bank.  Or you may explain a specific experience like the time frost ruined your cabbage, restaurant patrons left no tip or volunteers brought more food than you could process.  The point of either the general or specific experience is that it is personal to you.  You yourself have had the experience.


sample post:

As recently as today, I tried to appease my dog, when the neighbor’s yacking cocker spaniel aggravated her to the point of nervous exhaustion.  I tried to tell Sybil that everything would be OK and she would be fine, if she would only leave Leo alone.   Once she retuned to the house, I knew my attempts at appeasement had succeeded.


appease.current events

The category/label called CURRENT EVENTS indicates a post that addresses a recent  local, national or global event.  An event is a specific occurrence in time.  The subject of posts that use this category describe or explain something that has happened recently.  Such posts differ from ones labelled as personal experiences.  This latter category, as the next post explains, refers to an experience you personally have had–either a specific or a general experience.  Incidentally, you may have had a personal experience  of a current event, in which case you apply both labels.  For example, maybe you were heckled or applauded while speaking at the Occupy Atlanta camp.


sample post:

The ruling military council in Egypt are having an increasingly difficult time appeasing the tens of thousands of protesters who gather in Tahrir Square.  The streets of Cairo are filling up with people who think the military leaders are not relinquishing their power fast enough.

appease.course reading

This and the next several posts are designed to demonstrate the expected use of categories (called “labels” in blogspot).  Each of these model posts starts with brief definitions and explanations that appear in italics.  As suggested by the verb “demonstrate” and the adjective “model,”  these posts provide the information you need to write a successful post of your own.  Following the brief explanations, I have written a sample entry in regular font.

n.b. I have used the same word several times only for the purposes of demonstration.  I expect you to use a different word for each new post.



The category/label called COURSE READING indicates that you have posted an entry about the text you are currently reading in your English course.  The significant word is “about.”  You are not looking for sentences in the course text that use the key word.  Rather, you are using the key word to compose your own sentences that describe or explain some aspect of the literature.


sample post:

More than once, when fellow Romans indicate reservations about Cassius’s plans, he tries to appease them.   He appeals to their sense of logic or emotion, in order to allay their apprehensions.


The lead article in the most recent edition of Holy Innocents’ school newspaper, The Crimson and Gold, describes the start of a new program designed to foster philanthropy among the students.  Austin Holland, a Holy Innocents’ senior and one of fourteen founding board members of the Charitable Youth Fund, explains that “Though I’ve tried to involve myself in other philanthropic causes in the past, the HICYF is, in my opinion, unparalleled” (15 Nov. 11: 1).


As a bibliophile, I am often asked to continue with the project I have promised to complete.  More than once in my life, I have started, for example, to fix a lamp, close a gate or get the mail–only to find distraction along the way by an innocent book.  The life of bibliophile is filled with unexpected pleasures and predictable admonishments.


As much as I enjoy live sporting events, some experiences I can do without.  I remember a particularly odious professional football game because people started throwing peanuts and beer on the people below them in the stands.  Who needs that?  I certainly did not expect such odium, when I bought the tickets.


Some people think that not establishing a Palestinian state in the late 1940s, when the opportunity first presented itself, was a decision inimical to both Israeli and Palestinian people.  Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority, recently expressed this opinion.  Daily examples of inimical relations abound.