appease: historical event

The category/label called HISTORICAL EVENT indicates sentences that refer to a significant event (occurrence) that took place in the past.  This category is different than the one indicating a current event.  Since occurrences in this category happened in the past, you might describe or explain an event that took years or days.  For example, you could consider the American Civil War as a single historical event.  Or you might consider the storming of the Bastille as an event, rather than the whole period/event known as the French Revolution.


sample post:

Around the time of the French Revolution, a princess, who some people believe was Marie Antoinette, tried to appease French common people who struggled to buy just a loaf of bread.  She showed little sensitivity to these people’s hunger, when she proclaimed, “Let them eat cake.”  Her attempts at appeasement backfired.



Some people think that not establishing a Palestinian state in the late 1940s, when the opportunity first presented itself, was a decision inimical to both Israeli and Palestinian people.  Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority, recently expressed this opinion.  Daily examples of inimical relations abound.