The newspapers lately have raised my suspicion of collusion among people who made mortgage loans to unassuming home owners.  Somewhere within the banks’ systems, some employees have had secret conversations about how likely a given customer is to make payment.  I am not alone in my suspicion because churches, for example, have started withdrawing their money from banks they suspect of this collusion.


About bllbrwn423
A career educator who has worked in New York, Oklahoma, California and Georgia--with high school students. I agree with Michelangelo, who allegedly said at age eighty-seven, "I am still learning."

One Response to collusion

  1. bllbrwn423 says:

    Given this and other news items lately, I imagine other chances to use this noun, or its verb form “collude.” As some businesses grow larger, my suspicions of likely collusion also grow.

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