When Amir describes America as “a river,” he means that it is “unmindful of the past” (Kite Runner 136).  This particular aspect of America attracts him because in such a country he may be able to forget his own past.  He wishes that his painful memories would at least remain dormant.  If they would simply stay asleep, he could move on, forget his past decisions and become a happier person.  America’s forgetful culture could help him be happy.  If only it were that simple.


If Amir had been hoping for a placid taxi ride in Peshawar, he was sorely disappointed.  Gholam’s taxi is “smoke-filled,” and Amir sits on “shredded upholstery,” while Gholam, “a chain-smoking, sweaty little man,” talks non-stop, just barely missing collisions (Kite Runner 195).  This bumpy ride presages many of Amir’s other experiences in Pakistan.


The red grapes that Assef had set out on the table are hardly a sign of amicable relations between him and Amir (Kite Runner 273).  The violent scene that  proceeds in this place proofs the animosity Assef feels toward Amir, largely because of what Assef sees as unfinished business.


The newspapers lately have raised my suspicion of collusion among people who made mortgage loans to unassuming home owners.  Somewhere within the banks’ systems, some employees have had secret conversations about how likely a given customer is to make payment.  I am not alone in my suspicion because churches, for example, have started withdrawing their money from banks they suspect of this collusion.


When Dr. Frankenstein and his friend take an evening turn in the boat, Lake Geneva is placid.  Not a breath of wind could be seen anywhere across the entire lake.

appease: historical event

The category/label called HISTORICAL EVENT indicates sentences that refer to a significant event (occurrence) that took place in the past.  This category is different than the one indicating a current event.  Since occurrences in this category happened in the past, you might describe or explain an event that took years or days.  For example, you could consider the American Civil War as a single historical event.  Or you might consider the storming of the Bastille as an event, rather than the whole period/event known as the French Revolution.


sample post:

Around the time of the French Revolution, a princess, who some people believe was Marie Antoinette, tried to appease French common people who struggled to buy just a loaf of bread.  She showed little sensitivity to these people’s hunger, when she proclaimed, “Let them eat cake.”  Her attempts at appeasement backfired.

appease: other reading

The category/label called OTHER READING indicates sentences that use the key word to explain or describe reading that you have done outside of our course material.  You may use an outside book (or magazine, etc.) that you are currently reading, or one you have read in the past.  Or, if you want, you may use reading you are doing for another course.


sample post:

In the opening scenes of Hamlet, Claudius, the newly crowned king of Denmark, is trying to appease his nephew, Prince Hamlet.  The prince obviously resents his uncle’s quick coronation, now that Hamlet’s father has been murdered.  Claudius worries that young Hamlet suspects him of the murder.  The sooner he can appease the young man, the more secure will be his own power.

appease.personal experience

As mentioned in the previous post, this label/category refers to sentences that describe or explain experiences that you personally have had.  You may describe a general experience like planting a garden, working at a restaurant or organizing a community food bank.  Or you may explain a specific experience like the time frost ruined your cabbage, restaurant patrons left no tip or volunteers brought more food than you could process.  The point of either the general or specific experience is that it is personal to you.  You yourself have had the experience.


sample post:

As recently as today, I tried to appease my dog, when the neighbor’s yacking cocker spaniel aggravated her to the point of nervous exhaustion.  I tried to tell Sybil that everything would be OK and she would be fine, if she would only leave Leo alone.   Once she retuned to the house, I knew my attempts at appeasement had succeeded.

appease.current events

The category/label called CURRENT EVENTS indicates a post that addresses a recent  local, national or global event.  An event is a specific occurrence in time.  The subject of posts that use this category describe or explain something that has happened recently.  Such posts differ from ones labelled as personal experiences.  This latter category, as the next post explains, refers to an experience you personally have had–either a specific or a general experience.  Incidentally, you may have had a personal experience  of a current event, in which case you apply both labels.  For example, maybe you were heckled or applauded while speaking at the Occupy Atlanta camp.


sample post:

The ruling military council in Egypt are having an increasingly difficult time appeasing the tens of thousands of protesters who gather in Tahrir Square.  The streets of Cairo are filling up with people who think the military leaders are not relinquishing their power fast enough.

appease.course reading

This and the next several posts are designed to demonstrate the expected use of categories (called “labels” in blogspot).  Each of these model posts starts with brief definitions and explanations that appear in italics.  As suggested by the verb “demonstrate” and the adjective “model,”  these posts provide the information you need to write a successful post of your own.  Following the brief explanations, I have written a sample entry in regular font.

n.b. I have used the same word several times only for the purposes of demonstration.  I expect you to use a different word for each new post.



The category/label called COURSE READING indicates that you have posted an entry about the text you are currently reading in your English course.  The significant word is “about.”  You are not looking for sentences in the course text that use the key word.  Rather, you are using the key word to compose your own sentences that describe or explain some aspect of the literature.


sample post:

More than once, when fellow Romans indicate reservations about Cassius’s plans, he tries to appease them.   He appeals to their sense of logic or emotion, in order to allay their apprehensions.